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There’s no better time for a party to have a theme than at Christmas! And you can’t deny, the same old party themes do get boring after a while, so why not spice things up a bit this year? We won’t stop you from wearing your ugly Christmas sweater, but how about a new theme?

Fondue for a Few

You cannot go wrong with melted cheese! Or melted chocolate for that matter. Get cosy around the Fondue burner for a dipping two course party! All you have to do is prep your condiments, and your guests will do the rest!

Wreath Making Party

This one is perfect for holding the attention of the kids! Get a whole bunch of materials (don’t forget the glitter!) and set up a Wreath making station to be the centre point of your party. If you’re at a loss, Spotlight even has the products and ideas read for you to make the perfect wreath, no matter what type you fancy!

Christmas PJ Party

Now this party theme will get all of your guests chatting! There are soo many Christmas themed pyjamas out there just waiting to be worn! Why not make a party of it? If you’re feeling crafty, Spotlight even has a project for you to make your own t-shirt, which would ensure no one is wearing your outfit at the party!


Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Similar to the wreath decorating party, you’ll be amazed how fun decorating a Gingerbread can be. The best thing about this idea is that people can do as much or as little as they like. And you can enjoy it for dessert afterwards! For something really fancy, try out this creative Gingerbread Terrarium project, or if baking is not for you, you might want to knit your own Gingerbread house instead!

Tree Decorating Party

Forgot to decorate your tree this year? Make a party out of it! Lay out your decorations and let your guests do the creative work for you! Keep them happy with plenty of food and drink, and you’ll wonder why you never thought if this one sooner!

And, Spotlight have so many crafty Christmas projects for you to make your own decorations, or even to make your own mini Christmas trees! Your own imagination is your only limit! Check it all out on their Christmas projects page!



Check out Spotlight’s full range of Christmas Projects here  – from decorations to homemade gifts they have plenty of DIY projects to help you create a unique and one of a kind Christmas to remember.

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