Grabbing a sneaky hotdog or swedish meatballs is a given on any trip to Ikea, but what if you could cure your Ikea cravings without even leaving the house?

You might soon be able to, with the Swedish furniture giant planning to launch a food delivery service before the end of the year.

We don’t know what exactly the menu will look like just yet, but you might expect to see the company’s trademark meatballs and hotdogs as well as vegetarian options.

With coronavirus measures in place for some months, the food areas of Ikea stores around the country have been off-limits.

And while the flat-pack furniture merchants helped us out with their secret meatball recipe, it’s just not the same.


Okay, we’ve held off this long making the obvious joke, but…we wonder if you will have to assemble the hotdog yourself at home with three pages of impossible-to-follow instructions and an inevitable argument with your significant other.

There, we got it out of our system.

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