In the ‘thing that could be another thing’ news, comes this massager from Kmart that has the internet… buzzing.

Looking like a microphone-hairdryer-gun that Austin Powers might use, the $89 Anko appliance has four attachments and five speeds to help massage out aches and pains.

“Relax with this handy massager that comes with 4 head attachments and 5 speed settings so you can customise your massage to your needs,” the description on the Kmart website says.

It’s understood that similar appliances (sometimes used in physio treatments) can be found elsewhere for up to $700.

However, the internet – a wily and resourceful bunch – have been pretty quick to point out that it might be used in ~other areas~


Here’s what they’re saying…

“Just got my hands on the new $89 Massage Gun after eyeing them off for a while, hopefully it helps my back. If not, I’m going to have a very happy wife.”

“It’s called a magic wand”

“Yup, it’s a vibrator in disguise everyone knows it.”

The massager is part of Kmart’s latest collection that also includes an air purifier, a stand mixer, and artificial plants.

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