Well boil the jug, make a cup of tea and throw on your comfiest PJ’s, it’s time to have a jigsaw puzzle date!

Forget movie night, this new subscription service will deliver a jigsaw puzzle to your door every, single month. And so we can officially live our best, stay-at-home, old lady life!

It’s called Puzzle Post and it comes from the people who brought us Bookabuy, a personalised book subscription service.

Puzzle Post is also completely personalised, so in a similar way to how Netflix would recommend which shows you should watch next based on what you’ve watched previously, this service will handpick the jigsaw puzzle best suited to your individual taste.

“I’ve always loved doing jigsaw puzzles, but over the last year or so we noticed a lot of our friends were starting to get into them too. There were pictures of puzzles popping up in our social feeds and half-finished puzzles on our friends’ tables,” said Co-Founder Mel Tantchev, who created the brand with her hubby Chris.


“We did some research and realised puzzles weren’t just making a comeback in our inner circle – there’s a steady trend of puzzle sales going up around the world. And given there’s such a natural crossover with books and puzzles, expanding our business to include a puzzle subscription just made sense.

“And the reactions so far have been overwhelmingly positive – everyone we’ve spoken to has been really excited about it!”

The subscriptions for this jigsaw puzzle service come in a one off, fixed term or ongoing monthly subscription, with prices ranging between $39-$83 per month.

You can also customise the theme or difficult level of your puzzles and if you include information about yourself, Puzzle Post will personally select a puzzle that best suits you each month.


So if a good jigsaw puzzle and a night in with your partner or friends sounds like your perfect Saturday night, you can find out more info about Puzzle Post here!