A month ago, there was a report on the quarantining of a pet dog in Hong Kong that had tested a “weak positive” for coronavirus after its owner contracted it.

The dog was put under quarantine for two weeks, but it died shortly after being returned to its owner.

Many were under the impression that the dog died as a result of COVID-19, which is simply untrue.

On Thursday, Dr. Chris Brown answered the one burning question Botica’s Bunch had about our pets: Can they get coronavirus?

“No, they cannot,” he deadpanned.

“Dogs and cats have been proven to be safe.”

BAM. Myth busted.


He said that there had just been a whole bunch of testing done on around 3500 dogs in the US and South Korea and not one animal has been shown to have coronavirus or be able to transmit it.

“The World Health Organisation says you are safe.”

“They swabbed a dog that belonged to somebody who had corona and they found virus particles in the dog’s nose,” he explained.

“Dogs sniff everything so it sniffed up some virus but that doesn’t mean the dog was infected.”

It’s also worth knowing the dog was a 17-year-old Pomeranian and when it tested positive, it got sent away for tests in various labs, so when it returned to its owner, it was pretty shook up.

Lisa then mentioned that being in isolation might inspire some to adopt a pet.


“Don’t bring a pet into your life for the sake of it, you’ve gotta be ready,” he said. “The new saying is, pets aren’t just for coronavirus.”

“The new not-just-for-Christmas!” Lisa chimed in.

Dr Chris agreed and said that while pets are great for company, you really have to be ready for the commitment.

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