A new survey has revealed that parents who have three children are more stressed than parents of one or two kids… Did they really need a survey to reveal that data?!

It turns out, the survey also revealed that parents of four or more kids, report lower stress levels too… whaaaaaattt??

This survey, conducted by TodayMoms in the US, surveyed over 7,000 parents, and officially revealed that families with three children are generally the most stressed.

Jill Smokler, a blogger at Scary Mommy agrees with the results.

“Going from one to two was an easy, breezy transition. Two to three, everything was turned upside down. I do not feel like I have it together. You only have two hands! Just crossing the street and not being able to physically hold all their hands I find tremendously stressful.”

A New York psychiatrist, Dr. Janet Taylor has spoken out regarding the findings too.

“The more children you have, the more confident you become in your parenting abilities. You have to let go … and then you’re just thankful when they all get to school on time.”


Do you find these results to be true for you?

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