After months of constant company and attention, our pets are getting used to having the house back to themselves while many of us are heading back to work.

Thing is, do our furry mates have any concept of time?

Like does hours at work feel any different to the minutes you take grabbing a coffee down the street?

Well, now we know.

It turns out that they do, particularly dogs.

In a recent blog post on Drool by Dr Chris Brown, Professor Alexander Horowitz explained how dogs can tell time or, rather, smell time.

We all know that doggos can sniff out drugs, explosives and a rogue snag that rolled behind the couch, Prof Horowitz says that dogs can detect the subtle changes in scent in a room during the day.


During the day, the warm air rises in a room before dropping as it cools down in the evening – acting like a clock.

But it’s not just temperature, it’s also where their schnoz comes in.

Horowitz says that our pets have worked out that when, over time, our scent fades in the, it eventually reaches a point (and strength) where they know you’ll typically return.


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