Our fave card game has just dropped a fact we really should’ve read in the rulebook years ago but we didn’t and now we’re bitter.

UNO tweeted that as ‘per management’ you can’t stack +2 cards.

“Per management: You cannot STACK a +2 on a +2”

“Go ahead, roast us.”

So, if a player puts down a +2 card, the next player has to just draw two cards and forfeit their turn.


This meant one thing. The cat was now firmly among the pigeons.

“They don’t know how to play the game,” was one zinger.

Others wanted clarification, surely by ‘no stacking’ they really mean ‘stacking’?


Others blamed UNO for not printing the rule on the actual cards.

“I guess you left the ‘lose a turn’ part off of the card then. Until you print ‘+2 and lose a turn’ cards, I will continue to play the game as originally intended.”

Thanks for the cards UNO, but we’re gonna take it from here.