A recent Facebook post has sent the internet sharpening their pitchforks… over forks.

The How to DAD page recently uploaded a pic of a pretty normal-looking cutlery drawer.

The caption was two-fold:

“I’m sorry but if your cutlery drawer doesn’t go in the order of ‘knives, forks, spoons’ then you need to go,” was the caption on the photo.

The accompanying caption said pretty much the same.

“Don’t be an animal – it’s knives then forks then spoons. There is no other way.”


Of course, you can’t tell the internet what to do, so, cue the outrage.

Some of the responses included:

“Forks, Knives and Spoons – just like you’d lay them out when setting the table.”

“No, it’s spoons followed by forks and THEN the knives thank you very much”

“And what about us left handlers? Are we nothing to you?”

“I beg your pardon: it has always been forks, knives and spoons.”


“YES.. Knives.. Forks and spoons”

Then this essay:

“Omg, no, it’s spoons, forks, knives. Cause spoons are always first out for cereal and dessert. Also you have knives and forks, as you have forks and spoons. You never have a setting that requires knives and spoons. So, when you grab a set with one hand you can gather them up easily. And the knives go in the longer section on the right.”

Then this one decided to bring all the different spoons into the argument:

“Why would spoons ever come between a forks and knives? Where is the logic!! Layout should be forks, knives, dessert spoons and then soup spoons. Teaspoons at the front. Heaven help anyone who has their teaspoons not facing the same direction eg right-handed users means handle on the right side.”



The official word, from the crew over at Home Beautiful, have played the fencesitter card saying there are “no hard and fast rules.”


“However, most people intuitively work from left to right,” Senior showroom designer Elain Maytom admitted, before taking it up a notch.

“If you prefer to lay everything out the way you would a table setting, then go for it – forks on the left, followed by knives with blades facing inwards (or to the left), followed by spoons.”

OK, so if there aren’t really any rules, who’s right?

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