Look, we get it. We’re all trying new ways to try and keep the kids entertained during isolation.

But if you find yourself locked in an intense game of hide-and-seek with your kiddies, don’t, we repeat DO NOT, try and hide in the washing machine.

Otherwise you might end up like this woman, Amari Dancy from Woodbridge, Virginia.

The 18-year-old was hiding in the game with her young cousins over the weekend when she had what she thought was a genius idea: she would try to hide herself in the washing machine! Surely no one would think to look there!

Oh but she was wrong. It was far from genius because poor Amari only JUST fit into the machine, meaning getting back out became a real issue.

“We had already hidden underneath the bed, in the closet, and we couldn’t go down into the basement so, I was like ‘Oh, OK let’s just hide in the washer machine,” she told NBC News.

It quickly became apparent that Amari was stuck. So stuck that her older relatives at home had to call in some backup for help.


Luckily they were able to remove the top of the washing machine and free Amari without any real issues or injuries, apart from a bruised pride.

“I mean it’s pretty embarrassing, but all I can do is laugh it off. My family had a laugh out of it, but as long as I”m OK, that’s all that matters to me,” she said.

So let this be a tale of warning for all you hide-and-seekers wanting to try out a new and adventurous hiding spot… Just stick to under the bed okay?

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