Zena Hussein was appalled to find a handwritten note claiming she was a “fat piece of s***” for parking in a pram-only parking spot.

Ms Hussein found the offensive note under her tyre, which read: “YOU SHOULD NOT PARK HERE. YOU GOT NO PRAM OR BABY WITH YOU, YOU FAT PIECE OF S***”.  

Ms Hussein said she was shocked and claimed, “some people are so harsh and nasty,” before explaining that she had dropped her husband and three children, including a 1-year-old, off at the entrance of the shopping centre while she went and found a car spot.

“Yes, I am a mother of three and my youngest baby is one,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “Yes, I have a double pram in my car! Yes, I have two baby car seats in my car.”

“The point is don’t jump to conclusions,” she continued.

“If you don’t see me push a pram or hold a baby as I dropped my husband off at the entrance with the kids while I went and found a car spot. I hope whoever wrote this note gets their facts right before they judge anyone.”




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