Many parents love to find a unique way to celebrate their baby’s big first birthday. We don’t blame them, their child is most definitely unique!

One Victorian mum named Kayla Frizzell decided to take a different approach to the ever-so-popular cake smash and swap it out for a heart bucket of KFC.

“If you know me, you know I LOVE KFC so it was only fitting to swap a cake out for some chicken,” the photographer wrote.

“Turns out she loves KFC and doesn’t love to share it, haha!”

Her little bub, Mia can be seen chowing down on pieces of chicken, licking her fingers and even chilling in a mini bathtub with a bucket of the good stuff.

Unfortunately, not everyone has loved Frizzell’s approach with the post attracting cruel comments – which also targeting Mia’s weight. One person claimed they had even contacted authorities over the images.


“After receiving some horrible messages about my daughter’s ‘size’ I would like to add that she is perfectly healthy and very well fed, the KFC is for prop purposes only, and her father and I enjoyed eating it all once the shoot was over,” Frizzell wrote.

“Please keep the negative comments to yourself.”


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