Ohhhh I’m already annoyed writing this.

PedestrianTV wrote about this earlier this week and it TRIGGERED a deep dark anger within me.

For a lot of Aussies right now, online shopping is keeping us sane and getting a parcel is like a little light at the end of the tunnel.

While working from home over the past month, out of four parcels I was expecting, I received three ‘mail to collect’ cards in my door despite me being home the entire day.

Look, it’s obviously a hectic time to be a postie – to knock on everyone’s door and deliver parcels not knowing whether they’re vaccinated or not, showing symptoms or not…

But Australia Post has a 74-page COVIDSAFE Plan of the actions they’ve put in place to keep both their workforce, their customers and the general community safe. You can read it here.

If those practices are implemented, there is no reason as to why people aren’t getting their parcels, which by the way, we all pay shipping for… to the postal company.


The PedestrianTV writer said that, from a snap poll posted to their personal social media, revealed that a huge 83% of people said they had experienced it too.

So now we’re also doing a call out locally – have you experienced this?

Photo credit: u/BertisAU via Reddit