Over the last few months, astronomy fans have been able to enjoy meteor showers, supermoons and more – right in their own backyards. It has been glorious, considering we’ve been tucked away at home!

Now, we’ve got something else to look forward to and it’ll be quite a treat for someone with a sweet tooth. Please welcome the penumbral lunar eclipse, or its more commonly known term, the Strawberry Moon.

On Saturday June 6, from 3.45am AEST (ouch), you’ll be able to witness the fantastic sight. The eclipse will be at its maximum at 5.24am AEST and will last for three hours and 18 minutes.

This particular moon kicks off the eclipse season, with the next two lunar eclipses coming up on July 4-5 and November 29-30. These will also be penumbral, so we can expect a similar colouring.

Remember to set your alarm and get your jacket – this will be something special to see!

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