Vegans are being warned not to feed their pets cruel and ‘dangerous’ plant-based diets, as vets warn them it could cause illness, blindness and even death.

While dogs are omnivores and can survive on plant-based diets, cats are “obligate carnivores, which means they are dependent on a meat diet and cannot be healthy or survive without it”, said RSPCA scientific officer Dr Sarah Zito.

Dr Richard Goward from the Cat Clinic in Melbourne told that anyone feeding cats a vegan diet could accidently be engaging in animal cruelty “through naivety”.

“I understand the move towards socially acceptable food, but I think people need to make these informed social choices in the best interests of the health of the animal rather than the person,” he said.

Cats are not evolved enough to process the enzymes in plant based foods, meaning they rely on their prey to digest carbohydrates.

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