A nine-year-old schoolboy has been caught red-handed with an ingenious method of cheating on his homework.

Bryce Gormanley from Dalmellington in Scotland was busted by his mum secretly asking Amazon Alexa the answers to his multiplication questions.


“I told him I was going to put dinner on so he was to make a start on his homework,” his mum said.

“As I was cooking I could hear Alexa in the background saying something, so I went into the living room to check and there I caught him.

“He was completely oblivious to me being there, so I went back into the kitchen, got my phone and videoed.”

The video, which has been viewed almost two million times shows mum Leanne slyly filming him, before calling him out on-camera.


As the video ends, she tells Bryce: “You do realise you’ll be doing all this again yourself?”

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