In what seems like something out of a goddamn horror movie comes this chilling footage from Civil War battle site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The bloke to took the vid, Greg Yuelling, was driving along the road at the famous battleground with his family on September 2 when they spotted figures ‘moving in the darkness’.

“We were driving along one night and we started hearing noises, I heard things to the left and my uncle heard things to the right, and there was a fog, but the fog was weird, it was only in one patch, not dispersed,” he said.

“Then we saw these shapes moving in the darkness. They were the size of humans, one of them ran right through the cannon.”

In the vid, two fog-like figures appear to briefly take the shape of human beings.

“I always questioned the validity of those ghost videos you see on TV, I was always pretty disbelieving,” Mr Yuelling said.

“I believe everything now.”


The Battle of Gettysburg was fought between Union and Confederate forces during the American Civil War in July 1863.

Over three days, an estimated 46,000-51,000 people died, along with 5,000 horses.

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