Just days after Coles announced the release of 30 new Little Shop collectables this week, a petition has condemned the range.

The petition, which popped up on Sunday, has questioned the promotion’s timing.

“Are you gobsmacked that Coles has brought out a new range of ‘little shop’ toys during Plastic-free July?” it asked.

“This is when most people are doing their best to bring their own bags, choosing less packaging on their food and saying no to straws. Here you are handing out plastic junk that will end in landfill or in our oceans.”

Coles Petition

It also encourages people to boycott the supermarket.

The second instalment of the hugely successful promotion consisting of collectable tiny grocery items kicks off on Wednesday.


A Coles spokesperson told 96FM that of those who collected minis last year, 96 per cent have either kept them or gave them away to someone who was collecting.

“The campaign only runs for a limited time and customers who choose to collect them are able to recycle the wrappers at their nearest Coles through our in-store RedCycle program,” they said in a statement.

“RedCycle allows customers to recycle soft plastics in provided bins at their nearest Coles store to be repurposed into outdoor furniture for pre-schools and primary schools.”

The petition has attracted more than 800 signatures.


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