Coles will give 100,000 workers a special one-off bonus as a thank you for working through the ‘intense’ early weeks of the pandemic.

Ina. Memo to Coles staff, chief executive officer Steven Cain said he was “incredibly proud” of the staff who kept the stores open and running when customers were buying quicker than they could stock.

“For eight weeks in March and April, we experienced an unprecedented level of demand and the pressure on our stores, sites, distribution centres and facilities were intense.

“But thanks to your efforts, we were able to move record volumes of stock onto our shelves so Australians could get the food, drinks, and groceries they needed,” he said.

The bonus will apply to employees working in supermarkets, petrol stations and warehouses.

Coles move follows Woolworths’ announcement that they would reward workers for their service over the same two month period.

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