The closure of bars has made catching up for a drink impossible, dinner dates are off the menu, and strict social distancing rules mean any chance of getting a smooch at the end of the night has been kissed goodbye.

As if having to deal with ghosting, benching and catfishing weren’t enough for daters… a new list of dating terms has surfaced reflecting the sign of the times.

Buying The Toilet Paper

Inspired by panic-buying. Describes doing something you know won’t help your current situation, like triple-texting the person who clearly isn’t interested in you romantically.

Corona Bae

Also known as ‘quarantine bae’, it’s someone you date virtually and start falling in love with during self-isolation. You have never met them IRL.



Are people who ignore quarantine rules to satisfy their own need to hook up. A bloke in Perth copped a one-month jail term for doing exactly this.


Urban dictionary eloquently defines the ‘c**kblock’ as ‘one who prevents another from scoring sexually’. That’s what this pandemic is now considered. In a sense, we’ve all been corona-zoned.


It’s the practice of dating someone during this time of social distancing and self-isolation. Previously, you may have had a dating rule like ‘first dates are always over coffee at a busy cafe’, now the rules are set by the government… and if you don’t you risk a hefty fine.

Social Distancing


When you use this government-mandated societal guideline as a strategy to rebuff unwanted romantic advances.

Post Rona 

The time people fantasise about returning to after the coronavirus outbreak, when they can go back to dating and have contact with other humans again.


A virtual date on a video conferencing platform like Zoom or FaceTime.

Botica’s Bunch chatted more about dating during the pandemic this morning… hit PLAY below to listen in!


– original list via Nine Honey

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