We all know the COVID-19 pandemic has forced so many plans to be postponed or cancelled, globally.

And that’s just what this couple has had to do.

A copy of a note (err ‘un-invitation’) that was sent to their guests has been shared online.

Sadly some guests are no longer invited to the wedding, due to new COVID restrictions. Totally fair.

However, the note goes on to remind guests that they are still able to help pay for their honeymoon…

“As much as we would love for you to attend, sadly, our venue cannot accommodate everyone,” the note reads.

“We are sure to keep you in our hearts in this celebration of love.”


“If you would like to congratulate the bride and groom, rather than a registry, they are accepting money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon.”

Of course many social media users could understand the couple’s position with having to un-invite some guests, but none could understand why asking for money was ok!

“I had to cut 75 people from our guest list because of COVID and honestly doing something terrible like this never even occurred to me,” said one.

Added another: “A buddy of mine had to do the same thing.

“He personally called people to tell them what had happened, and said that if we already got him a gift to please return it so they could keep the money.”


What do you think, is this note fair or a bit rude??

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