Usually we’re advised to block and delete exes and keep them at an arms length

Relationship expert, Coach Lee says he has over 4,000 physical clients in a year, wanting to get back with an ex.

Since Lee branded himself as an ‘Ex Coach’ 12 years ago, he’s being taking 14 calls each day from needy ex-pining losers.

Lee reckons that getting all up in your exes face is gonna make them hate you

He says, ‘I always tell people who come to me that you need to give the other person space and that means not texting them and not constantly trying to contact them, telling them how much you miss them.

‘Your absence is power. Let them go and tell them that you respect the decision to end things and then let that person start to miss you and notice that you’re not there any more.”



• DON’T be overconfident in your abilities to talk them around. Talking rarely works. You need to appeal to their heart and not their head.

• DON’T bombard your ex with messages. It can make you appear emotionally unstable and places control in the hands of the other person.

• DON’T beg or show yourself to be desperate in any way. Appealing to someone’s mercy will only make matters worse.

• DO tell your ex that you respect their decision but don’t agree with it.

• DO keep your distance and let them notice that you are not there. On the occasions that you do have contact, be sure to show them that you are happy and could move on.

• DO drop inside jokes and references into conversation with your ex once you are at the stage of speaking again. This will help remind them of the good times you had together before the break-up.’When they then choose to contact you, it’s important to show them that you are in a positive place and could potentially move on.’

If you need a little help getting your ex back, hit up Coach Lee’s website

Good luck, or just like… move on.

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