A pensioner in Adelaide has gotten some sweet revenge on scammers, pocketing $990 with a brilliant stroke of genius.

Teresa was conned by fraudsters last year when she received a phone call claiming they were from a company that owed her money.

She gave them her bank account details where they deposited a few hundred dollars into her account – the scam involved them saying they had put too much in.

But while they recovered their money, they also recovered a couple of hundred bucks of Teresa’s.

Lesson learned.

Thing is, this year, Teresa received a suspiciously similar call.

This time, she knew what to do.


Using the same procedure as last year, she let them put $990 in her account.

After the transfer, of course they called back… except Teresa ignored their calls. Effectively, scamming the scammers.

Teresa contacted her bank and the police, who told her to enjoy the cash.


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