kangaroo bouncing through a busy Florida city? It’s 2020. Why not?

We’re living in a pandemic, masks are chic, toilet paper is a luxury item so Floridians going about their day in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday should expect to see a kangaroo bouncing through neighbourhoods and traffic.


The marsupial, let’s call him Skippy, was eventually cornered by multiple police vehicles.


Proving he was a true Aussie gentleman, Skippy did not resist arrest and allowed two police officers to pick him up and place him in the back seat of a squad car.

Fort Lauderdale police were so chuffed they described him as their “newest mate”.

Instead of tossing him in a station lock-up cell with drug dealers and other undesirables, Skippy received five-star accommodation in the cop shop stables.


“This morning we received a call he was jumping around our community,” Sergeant DeAnna Greenlaw said.

“Our officers responded to the scene, took him into custody, transported him here to our stables where he is safe and sound while Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conducts their investigation.

“He will later be turned over to their care.”

Skippy’s owners might be in hot water.


It is illegal for “exotic animals” like Skippy to be within Fort Lauderdale city limits.


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