Pasta is one of our faves, especially in the colder months. No matter what you put with it, it just soothes the soul.

However, it turns out we’ve been preparing it wrong your entire life! Well, at least according to this online video.

TikTok user @real_ensee has sparked debate after uploading a video tutorial of how to correctly use a sieve to strain pasta.

In the clip, he shows the ‘wrong’ method, which sees him hold the sieve over the sink and pour the contents of the pot into it.

However, he claims the correct way is to actually place the sieve inside of the pot itself and tilt it, letting the water drain without the pasta falling out.


tell the truth you didn’t know about this😂 #fyp #foryou #normalpeople #lifehacks

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It’s safe to say people lost their minds.

“TikTok has taught me more than school ever has,” one viewer wrote.

“I was today years old when I learnt…” another said.

However, many debated he was actually wrong.

“It wasn’t designed for that… It’s a sieve,” one said.

“No you actually are supposed to pour it in the strainer but you do you,” another viewer wrote.




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