I know you’ll all agree with me when I say that our lives haven’t been the same since McCain stopped selling bags of frozen Smiles…

They tried to make a come back with EmotiBites last year, which… while acceptable, was NOT the same and would never be the same.

Well now, some truly epic news.

McCain is bringing back the one and only iconic ‘Smiles’ the way we remember them… albeit a lil’ bit smaller.

The ‘Mini Smiles’ is part of their Quick Cook range and cook in half the time (and, from personal experience, even less if you own an air fryer) which is a game-changer in the oven snack food world of which I’m a connoisseur.

They’re also releasing mini Shoestring and Straight Cut fries as part of their Quick Cook range so I’m gonna do it…


I’m gonna DO IT!

“ahh McCain… You’ve done it again…”

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