Deck the halls? More like deck your fridge out with these new flavoured milk drinks from Aldi that scream Christmas.

Their Farmdale RAM range has branched out to now include yuletide classics, Rumball and Gingerbread.

It’s unclear whether the newbie flavs are limited editions, but judging from the speed that people are trying them, it’s a solid probably.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“I had to add some plain milk to the rumball one the flavour was so sweet and strong. I loved the gingerbread one though.”

“I had the gongerbread milk the other week and YUMMMMMMMM!!” (we think she meant ‘gingerbread’ but gongerbread was way too good to correct)

“Have tried both new flavours. Rumball is over the top sweet. Way too much sugar! And not really keen on the ginger”


“Omg yes gingerbread milk omg”

“I neeeed the rum ball one!”

“The rumball one needs to come in 2 litre bottle…. or intravenous.”

“Gingerbread was more like cookie dough with a slight ginger aftertaste. Rumball is amazing!!! I’d love to see you tackle a fruit mince pie flavour”

“…take all my money, These would kill my tummy but would be absolutely delicious”

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