Christmas is a massive day and we won’t blame you if you’re already thinking about what you are going to put on the table – and Aldi is going to be a great place to start!

The supermarket has got an incredible new range of festive food that every family member will want a bite of. I’m already salivating.

For dinner, shoppers can pick up delicious options such as 3.8kg Self-Basting Turkey for just $28.99, Lobster Tails with Garlic Butter Glaze (2 pack/380g) for $27.99 and Scallops with Maple Flavoured Bacon for $12.99.

And we can’t forget dessert! Finish off with Golden Champagne Pudding for $10.99 and Sponge Bombe Pudding, Choc Hazelnut or Choc Butterscotch for $4.99 each.

TBH, we don’t know why you would wait until Christmas…

Check out the range here.

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