A sports betting agency has proven you can really put a wager on anything, including what’s on the Macca’s menu board.

And while the Filet-o-Fish still vehemently divides people, it’s not what’s tipped for what item is next to leave McDonald’s.

Of their list of 17 Macca’s staples, it’s 100% safe to say that the Hashbrown, Cheeseburger and Quarter Pounder (in that order) are unlikely to ever suffer the same fate of ol’ mate McFeast.

Other items which don’t look like they’ll be facing the axe anytime soon are our beloved McNuggets, Sundae and Hotcakes (again, in that order).

That’s where things start to really get into the danger zone.

As per the odds, the Filet-o-Fish comes in third most likely to be taken off the menu with the Omelette Wrap coming in second.

But the most likely to be stripped? Chicken Salt Shaker Fries.


We can’t put the actual odds, but here’s the full list of what items and the order in which they appear…

Next Item To Leave The McDonald’s Menu

  1. Chicken Salt Shaker Fries
  2. Omelette Wrap
  3. Filet-o-Fish
  4. Chicken McPieces
  5. Chicken McBites
  6. McDonaldland Cookies
  7. Big Brekkie Burger
  8. Mighty McMuffin
  9. Chicken ‘n’ Cheese
  10. McFlurry
  11. Hamburger
  12. Hotcakes
  13. Sundae
  14. Chicken McNuggets
  15. Quarter Pounder
  16. Cheeseburger
  17. Hash Brown

As always, gamble responsibly