If you’re a good, self-respecting Aussie then you’ll agree that there is nothing finer than a cuppa with some bickies.

By now, you’ve probably nailed the perfect cuppa, right?

Well, think again! It turns out we might have all been making cups of tea wrong our whole lives.

A food science expert has weighed in on the debate that we did not know existed…what is the best way to make a cup of tea?

And his verdict? You’re probably doing it wrong.

If you (like every other rational human) makes your cuppa by adding hot water to a your tea bag THEN pouring in the milk last, you might just be ruining the good stuff. That’s according to Professor Alan Mackie from the School of Food Science and Nutrition at Leeds University, at least.

He says that adding milk at the start of the tea-making process will give you a much better flavour.


“If milk is added at the start, proteins bind to tannins and other minerals preventing them from turning solid for a far superior flavour,” Professor Mackie said.

“So rather than the conventional method where you steep the tea in the hot water before adding the milk, I suggest you add the milk from the start.”

How about no.

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