In the latest ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ news, comes this from beloved Aussie biscuit brand, Arnott’s.

While their regular branding will not change, their corporate logo has been given a more modern edge.

Thing is, there’s a few things we wish Arnott’s would change.

Like bringing back a few of their discontinued bikkies…

Chocolate Dessert: a chocolate cream sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits. Hoo boy. Yes.

Bush Biscuits: Similar to an Arrowroot but larger and harder, made for camping. Apparently back in the day it would ‘travel well’ in the outback.


Coconut Rings: a coconut biscuit shaped in a ring.

Honey Snaps: A honey and coconut flat biscuit. I’m guessing we’re not fans of coconut, then?

Jaffa Cakes:  Yeah, there’s other brands that make these but Arnott’s also had a version which was a soft sponge with orange jam and coated with chocolate.

Morning Coffee: Not to be mixed up with their Milk Coffee bikkie. There are currently 689 members on the ‘Bring back Arnott’s Morning Coffee biscuits’ Facebook page. Wild.


And, really, the one superior bikkie we never understood why was taken off the market in the first place…

Quatro: chocolate-coated biscuits with toppings such as fruit and nut, or caramel.


What say you?




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