A woman has been left heartbroken after the $200 Wiggles birthday cake she ordered for her son’s birthday party arrived looking “awful”. 

Instead of a beautiful cake topped with bright and colourful lollies, the Brisbane mum received a “dry sponge with cream that tasted like butter”.

Despite the baker being given “weeks of notice”, they delivered a cake leaning on its side, covered in thick layers of fondant.

“I literally cried,” the woman wrote on Facebook.

“My mum received the cake as I was extremely busy doing a million other things.”


“[My mum] came in and said, ‘you’re going to be furious’. When she showed me I literally swore in front of all the party guests and started crying.”


She shared photos of the baker’s past work on social media when someone noticed a watermark on one of the images belonging to a baker in Texas, not the woman who baked it.

“I have messaged the lady and she’s already refusing to take any responsibility,” she added.


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