Real chocolate fans like dark chocolate. There’s really no two ways about that, it’s just a rule.

But orange chocolate divides even the most hardcore of chocolate lovers, so we’re not sure exactly how to feel about this new chocolate block from Cadbury.

Our favourite choccy makers have introduced an all-new flavour in their Old Gold dark chocolate range, and it is all about orange.

The new Old Gold Orange is a mild 45 per cent cocoa dark chocolate with pieces of orange bites throughout.

It’s a flavour that Cadbury themselves are describing as a “bold taste experience”, but it’s definitely one that we are keen to give a try.

Early reviews are coming back as mixed with some early taste testers pointing out that the chocolate could have a little more of an orange flavour to it.

The new Orange Old Gold is a permanent addition to Cadbury’s dark chocolate range, you can grab yourself a block and review for $5 right now.

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