You know how when you’re planning a night in at home with a good movie, you head to the grocery store before hand to stock up on the all important snacks?

You’re standing there in what we like to call the junk food aisle (ya know, with all of the important Cs: chips, chocolate and confectionary) and think about which one you’re going to indulge with on your night in.

Will you go with sweet or savoury? Chips or chocolate?

Well instead of being forced to choose just one snack (although of course who really only buys one…) Cadbury have come up with a new invention to make sure that we never have to make this tough choice ever again…

Introducing the new Cadbury Dairy Milk block combinations: Cadbury with CCs original corn chips and Cadbury with Kettle Sea Salt chips!

Now before you turn your nose up at the thought, because we’ll admit when we first heard about the strange new flavours we weren’t too sure about them, but TRUST us, the taste is actually amazing! (We may or may not have already consumed a whole block to ourselves, because you know…research)

Cadbury have been working tirelessly to establish the perfect ratio of salty, sweet, crunchy and creamy and we have to say that they definitely succeeded!


The unexpected pairings have been invented in celebration of the upcoming footy finals in the hope that the new chocolates on the block will become footy viewers’ go to snacks.

The CCs and Sea Salt Kettle Chips choccies are available in stores from August 15 but just a warning, they’re labelled as a special edition and won’t be around for long!

So head into stores and stock up on the sweet treats now! You don’t want to be left feeling salty if you miss out…

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