In the ‘thing that looks like another thing’ news, comes this instructional video for a chicken dish that’s going viral.

The vid, produced by Chefclub, featured a 2-minute tutorial for Cordon Bleu Deluxe.

But viewers were struck by how much the dish looked like…well… a vulva.

At the time of publish, the post had attracted more than 205,000 shares and 77,000 comments.

Such as…

“I have a dirty mind I think”

“This isn’t suggestive at all”


“I feel like I might be looking at this in a way it’s not intended”

“…if only my husband touched me the same way”

“This is the most erotic cooking video I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing.”

“Well, this was uncomfortable”

“I feel like I need a shower. And an STD test”

“Just cereal for me tonight I think”


And this…

“So, we’re just going to ignore the fact that not even a grain of salt touched that chicken?!”