If you’re not vegan, not on keto and your guts are all good with gluten-ful foods, listen up.

Chicken Treat has just released a dream job as an official burger taste tester.

Let that sink in.

You’ll be PAID to taste test Chicken Treats latest burger that is in the final stages of creation, plus work with Chicken Treat Head Office on new burger ideation.

The successful applicant needs to meet some strict selection criteria though, including:

  • A love of chicken and all things carbs
  • A history of never saying no to a burger
  • Adventurous appetite for food mash ups and passion for trying all things different

Qualifications will include:

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience eating chicken
  • Must not have made friends with salad
  • Must be a self-proclaimed Burger Connoisseur with an intimate knowledge of the perfect meat to sauce ratio
  • Has eaten Chicken & Waffles at least twice in their life
  • Expertise in licking fingers
  • Ability to lift heavy stacked burgers
  • Stained shirts on multiple occasions from sauce drips

Applications close 5pm, Wednesday 26 February 2020

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