It seems like Australia’s major supermarkets are having a dairy issue.

Shoppers have been taking to social media to complain that their local stores have been all out of cottage cheese – some even calling it a ‘cottage cheese famine’

‘Bring back the Cottage Cheese Woolworths!! This is the best product in terms of the cheeses that are stocked in Woolworths for cooking, spreads and filling. Honestly, this isn’t fair that no one has notified why and what they will replace it with. What idiot decided to discontinue the best cheese that we used up to 4-6 packets a week!?!?!’ one said.

Another piped up: ‘Has there been a recall on cottage cheese that no-one has told us about? Both Coles and Woolies are out and have been for weeks. It’s really odd.’

Stores have had empty dairy shelves and many varieties have been labelled as ‘temporarily unavailable’ online.

A Woolworths spokesperson told New Idea Food that they were aware of the issue.

“Due to recent supplier issues, we are currently experiencing a shortage in cottage cheese,” the spokesperson said.


“We can confirm this is being looked into and we apologise again for the inconvenience caused.”

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