Coles has eased some of its restrictions on products as panic buying starts to subside.

The restrictions on fresh milk and all meat products will now be lifted.

Shoppers had previously been only able to buy one packet of mince and two units of chilled milk. Restrictions on long-life milk still apply.

Coles has also slashed the price of its beef mince in response to the demand with three-star mince now just $4.80 and four-star is now $6.

Coles Meat General Manager Charlotte Gilbert said they had sold five million packs of mince in the last four weeks.

“We have worked with our dedicated farmers to pull out all the stops to increase supply and offer great value to customers at this challenging time,” she said.

Eggs, long-life milk, chilled pasta, frozen vegetables and frozen desserts, pasta, flour, dry rice, paper towels, toilet rolls, paper tissues and hand sanitisers are still capped at two packs per customer.

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