Remember the ‘Perth beer war’ of 2018?

For weeks, two Subi pubs duked it out by slinging pints for prices not seen since the 1980s.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last.

However, a couple of years and a pandemic later, it seems another Perth pub has swooped in to pick up the crown of Perth’s Cheapest Beer.

It’s not quite the cutthroat prices we saw in the Subi beer wars, but it’s still better than most other pub’s Happy Hour’s.

The Stirling Arms in Guildford has dropped their pint prices – for Carlton Draught – to just $4.99, all day every day.

While some venues and pubs are still reeling from lockdowns and closures, The Stirling Arms said they strongly believed that instead of “punishing” their patrons to make up for loss of profit, they need to continue to offer affordable prices and “cheap, well-known beers.”


“Patrons just want to know they’re not being fleeced when they go to a bar,” owner Brendan Craig said.

“We’ve all had a tough year and I want to reward those who continue to support local businesses like ours.”

Whatever the reason, we say cheers to that.