Guys when did this happen?

Did everyone know about this except me?

I was just casually scrolling through the product page on Vodka Cruiser’s website and I stumbled upon ‘The Mudshakes’. 

Apparently they’re a blend of vodka and milk and come in 3 flavours.

The Original Cowboy, which I assume tastes like a cowboy shot.

The Espresso Martini which one can assume…tastes like an Espresso Martini.

But in a cruiser bottle? 


Kind of strange but I’ll roll with it. 

Lastly Classic Chocolate?

The idea of chocolate and vodka together kind of makes me gag but obviously I will try this because…chocolate.

Enough said.

Let us know if you’ve given these a go, I need to be warned before I go down this dark and delightful journey.

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