It’s either insanity or genius but Domino’s has an apparent brain-boosting ‘Super Premium’ range.

It’s like they woke up and decided to be ✨ bougie ✨ with Roasted Vegetable Deluxe, Loaded Chicken & Parmesan and Salmon & Prawn Supreme pizzas.

Roasted Vegetable Deluxe

Loaded Chicken & Parmesan

“While it might sound even more controversial than pineapple on a pizza, don’t knock the broc until you try it,” ANZ Culinary Innovation & Development Chef Michael Treacy said.

Just when you thought Treacy would probably stop at don’t knock the broc, no… he continued with the broccoli.

“It adds such great texture and crunch and when combined with other fresh ingredients and our premium cheeses on a fresh pizza base, eating your greens really has never been more delicious!”

Salmon & Prawn Supreme

Look, we’ll try them all but ONLY for scientific research.

You can pick one up or delivered for $15.

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