One this is for sure about MasterChef’s Brendan Pang – he knows how to corner a market.

He knows that we all love dumplings, which not only is his specialty on the show, they’re the underpin of his Fremantle airstream kitchen, Bumplings.

“Nearly every culture has a dumpling,” Pang told Botica’s Bunch on Monday after securing his spot in the Top 10 of MasterChef Australia: Back To Win after Simon was sent packing after his ‘naked broccoli’ dish missed the mark.

Thing is, regulars to Bumplings might notice a few changes when it reopens on Thursday.

“The food, since being on Masterchef, has changed a little bit,” he admitted.

“I’m doing a lot more Mauritian-style food, a bit more Chinese food… and dumplings as well.”

He said that Mauritian food was bold and a real “melting pot” of flavours.


“Like Indian, Chinese, Creole and French influence – all of that together.”

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He’s also released a cookbook called ‘This Is A Book About Dumplings’ because of course it is.

Bumplings, at The Mantle, reopens this Thursday from 5pm.


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