Gather the troops, we’re going to have guac for days… 

A Queensland family have taken to growing GIANT avocados, feeding our love for the delicious fruit. 

Nicknamed the ‘avozilla’, cos, why not, the avos are approximately five times the size of your average grocery store product and weight over a kilo each. 

How do they make the avos grow so huge? 

This brand of avo is genetically modified, crossing your regular Guatemalan avo with the giant West Indian style. 


Apparently giant avos have been a thing for awhile on South Africa but this family is the first to grow them in Aussie soil. 

Even better news? The Groves family from Central Queensland who are growing the fruit say the strand is just as buttery as our normal hass variety. 

“They’re massive fruit… quite a lot larger than your average avocado,” David Groves told 9NEWS.

“I’m pleased to say they’re just as buttery as a Shepard or a Hass.”

For those worried about the pip to actual avo goodness ratio, we also did some investigating here and while the pip looks relatively sized for an avo that large. WIN!


These avos don’t come cheap, however, at $12 each. 

They can be found in specialty fruit stores because the family business can not keep up with the demand. 

Now, who wants to bring us some avo on toast? 

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