Forget feeling disgusting after eating greasy fried chicken because you had an itch to scratch.

Healthy burger chain Grill’d has launched ‘HEALTHY’ fried chicken bites nationwide.

The HFC Bites are 100% natural with ZERO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, cooked in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and made with RSPCA approved chicken breast which is free from added hormones and chemicals.

They come in two flavours, Natural or Sticky Honey Soy and I’m already drooling…

Thing is, in a move to encourage the use of RSPCA-approved chicken breast, ALL KFC EMPLOYEES can score FREE HFC Bites from 17th-22nd November, if you head to Grill’d in your uniform!

If you don’t work at KFC, Grill’d is offering free Bites for their ‘Relish Members’ from 24th November to 4th December if you order an item from the main menu (in-store or online.)


If you aren’t a Relish Member yet, then you can sign up here to be eligible.

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