If you’re keeping up to date with all things health food alternatives, you’ll know all about cauliflower. It has been dubbed as a great way to switch things up on your plate if you want to move away from things like potato.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Heinz got on the bandwagon and released their own frozen cauliflower fries. They look just like potato fries, but with a lightly seasoned batter, they are described as a “delicious twist on a classic snack.”

The packets have already landed in freezer aisles nationwide, however shoppers have been divided over the product and claim it may not be as healthy as not seems.

Heinz’s new product boats a 3.5 health star rating, however one Reddit user wrote that McCain’s Superfries were actually lower in calories.

“The serving size for the Cauliflower Fries is 60g (or about five chips) and the McCain was 100g. However, if you compare the “calories per 100g, the potato fries win,” the user said in an online discussion.

Others had concerns that the trend was “getting out of hand” with one commenter suggesting it could see a rise in the vegetable’s prices.

Want to try them out for yourself? You’ll find them for $8 for a 400g packet.



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