Hungry Jack’s has hooked up with Arnott’s to create the most beautiful lovechild in existence: Arnott’s Shapes Barbecue Shaker Chips

In what only can be described as pure unadulterated genius, Hungry Jack’s fans can grab a sachet of Barbecue Shapes seasoning to pour straight into their mouths over their fries.

Thing is, while you can get the fries and seasoning for $3.50, extra seasoning packets will set you back 50c each.

Arnott’s Marketing Director Michelle Foley said it was an opportunity they couldn’t refuse.

“We know Aussies love eating Shapes crackers but with Hungry Jack’s, we can now offer our famous Arnott’s Shapes Barbecue flavour in an inspired way that’s never been experienced before, and one we know our customers will love,” she said.


You can also get Arnott’s Shapes Barbecue Shaker Chips via Menulog delivery and on Hungry Jack’s app.

The sachets are only available for 12 weeks, after that, you’ll have to save the seasoning at the bottom of the box of Shapes yourself.

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