Can you believe that the Polly Waffle has been missing from our shelves for over a decade?

That’s 11 years since that beautiful purple foil packet tempted us into some delicious choc-coated marshmallow at the checkouts, each and every time!

South Australian company Robern Menz are behind the chocolate bar’s revival, having been awarded a $1m grant to upgrade their production line to accommodate for it, alongside Violet Crumbles, which the company also re-launched back in 2018.

The project will create as many as 38 new jobs at the company’s Glynde production facility.

Nestlé last made the chocolate bar, with Robern Menz buying the iconic name and recipe off the Swiss confectionery giant.

We still have a bit of a wait, though.

The Polly Waffle reboot won’t make it into our hot little hands until 2021.