The weird and wonderful KitKat Chocolatory has released rum-infused KitKats right before the holiday season!

Partnering with Aussie rum distillery BRIX, you’ll be able to get three delightfully infused chocolate treats so you can really put your legs up and have a REAL break after all your hectic Christmas shopping.

The three new artisanal flavours include:

KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Mojito: $20

Calling all Mojito lovers!

You can now get your hands on Mojito flavoured KitKats.

The KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Mojito features the famous KitKat crisp wafer with creamy white chocolate, infused with BRIX white rum, lime, grapefruit & mint.


KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Caramelised Pecan: $20

This is going to be my personal favourite, because I have the palate of a sweet 75-year-old woman.

So when you tell me I can get a KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Caramelised Pecan chocolate bar?!

Excuse me while I drool over, caramelised golden chocolate infused with BRIX gold rum, pecans, ginger and caramelised biscuit with the irresistible crisp wafer.


KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Spiced Christmas Pudding: $20

The final flavour really gets us into the Christmas spirit with a classic Chrissy dessert reimagined!

The KitKat Chocolatory x BRIX Spiced ChristmasPudding features crisp wafers with spiced milk chocolate infused with BRIX Spiced rum, crumbled pudding, currants and macadamias in an eight-finger bar.

You’ll be able to get your hands on all three flavours at the KitKat Chocolatory  online here!

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