There’s something about having a cocktail made for you, it’s a process, it takes time… it’s theatre.

As a beer drinker, I’m not great at making cocktails, I’m too impatient for all those little steps and twists of lime and muddling and bruising mint. There ain’t no theatre, just a bad puppet show.

However, there is something that exists to change all that.

Cocktail bombs.


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Just like bath bombs, cocktail bombs are made up of ingredients that, as soon as you add to sparkling water, they instantly fizz into a bar-quality mojito, margarita, mimosa, peach bellini or pina colada.


No need for cocktail ingredients, all you need to have is sparkling water and enjoy as a mocktail or spike it by adding a couple shots of booze.

The Cocktail Bomb Shop says all their bombs are vegan and mostly gluten-free and they also have a stack of recipes on their website.

Apparently it takes about 5 mins for the bomb to fully dissolve, which I’m guessing will provide more theatre than the next-day Berocca.


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