We’ve just discovered that McDonalds have been trialling a new chocolate soft serve and immediately our eyes turned to saucers.

Big Brother’s Tilly posted this crucial information over TikTok and all we know is that the trial was rolling out at the Macca’s outlet in Mosman.

Not Mosman Park in Perth, but Mosman… in NSW.



GO NOW BEFORE THEYRE GONESKIES #maccas #mcdonalds @McDonald’s Australia PLEASE KEEP THESE

♬ original sound – Tilly Whitfeld

And the bad news gets even worse for WA.


McDonald’s confirmed with News.com.au that they’re trialling the new soft serve across specific locations in NSW, QLD and South Australia… that’s it.

Apparently, it tastes like chocolate custard and I swear to you, I’m about to hulk out.





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